Engage in Patient Success

The next-gen app to manage Patient Support Programs

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Patient Centric

  • Get treatment reminders

  • Report progress and side-effects

  • Refill prescription

  • Learn about the treatment and disease

  • Call, video-call and chat with a Nurse or HCP

  • Make an appointment with a doctor

  • Access Healthbook dashboard

Features iPhone

Easy to use for HCPs

  • Access to patient key information

  • Understand patient condition evolution

  • Engage with other Care team members or HCPs

Features ipad


  • Manage patient portfolio efficiently

  • Access to patient key information at a glance

  • Engage with patients or Care team in a single click

Features macbook

Who we help

Digicare services can be provided by any Healthcare value chain stakeholder to better support Patients in their care pathway and daily life. Digicare is particularly adapted to Patients Support programs dedicated to specific pathologies.

You're a Payer?

Digicare is the preferred way to enhance relationships with your care network over time, and bring greater added-value to patients.

  • Adherence management

  • Healthcare Costing mitigation

  • New Digital Services

You're a manufacturer?

As a Pharmaceutical company or a Medical device manufacturer, Digicare is the perfect opportunity to start experimenting a new business model to become a care provider as well.

  • Treatment observance

  • Patient engagement

  • Real World Evidence

You're a Care provider?

Digicare is an amazing tool to better know about the daily life of patients and engage them all along their care pathway

  • Quality of care

  • Care expense management

  • Patient acquisition

Why choose Digicare

A real patient &
HCP-centric Experience

Through a large set of useful features and services

Why digicare

A Multi-program &
Multi-country platform

Easy to set up and to roll out, in accordance with local regulations

Why digicare

Consulting services

To ensure a high patient engagement rate over time

Why digicare

The best commitment
for the success

A pay-per-use business model: only pay for fully engaged patients!

Why digicare
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